3 b eg


OJ L In force: This act has been changed. Sie unterrichten die Kommission hiervon. Die Mitgliedstaaten stellen sicher, dass bis zum Diese vorherige Fahrpraxis ist entbehrlich, wenn der Bewerber mindestens das Lebensjahr vollendet hat. Land- und forstwirtschaftliche Zugmaschinen fallen nicht darunter. D berechtigt sind. Ab dem Die Mitgliedstaaten ergreifen die erforderlichen Schritte zur Umsetzung des Buchstabens b. Eine vor dem Die Vorschriften enthalten ferner den Hinweis, dass die Verweise in den geltenden Rechts- und Verwaltungsvorschriften auf die aufgehobene Richtlinie, als Bezugnahmen auf die vorliegende Richtlinie gelten.

Die Mitgliedstaaten teilen der Kommission den Wortlaut der wichtigsten innerstaatlichen Rechtsvorschriften mit, die sie auf dem unter diese Richtlinie fallenden Gebiet erlassen. Januar aufgehoben. Januar C vom Februar ABl. September ABl. L vom L vom 9.

L vom 1. Gebrauch der Bedienvorrichtungen ohne nachteiligen Einfluss auf Lenkung und Bedienung. Name 2. Vorname 3. Geburtsdatum und -ort 4a. Ausstellungsdatum 4b. Ablaufdatum 4c.

Wohnort 9. Erteilungsdatum nach Klassen Ablaufdatum nach Klassen To ask someone for something in an urgent or humble manner: begged me for help; begged me to give him the phone number.


To ask for something in an urgent or humble manner: beg someone's forgiveness; beg a favor. To ask permission to do something: begged leave to attend the ceremony.

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To evade; dodge: a speech that begged the real issues. To take for granted without proof: beg the point in a dispute. To ask for something, especially money or food from strangers, in an urgent or humble manner.

3 b eg

To make an urgent or humble plea: beg for mercy. To assume to be true what one is purporting to prove in an argument. To call to mind a question in a discussion; invite or provoke a question. Synonyms: begentreatbeseechimplore These verbs mean to make an earnest request of someone. Beg may imply no more than standard courtesy forgive me, I beg youbut in less formulaic expressions it usually suggests a respectful seriousness: I begged her to tell me what was troubling her.

Entreat suggests earnest pleading: "Hamilton and Jefferson Washington was appalled [and] entreated his warring secretaries to make peace" Herbert Sloan.

Begging the question

Beseech is often used formally, especially in addressing an authority or divinity, but regardless of tone it emphasizes serious concern and often implies urgency: " [She] was beseeching us to do everything possible to save him" Bernard Lown.

Implore suggests a similar sense of urgency in a matter of great importance: "Her mother had implored her to try to get an education, to try to break out of See Also Synonyms at cadge.

3 b eg

Usage Note: Historically, logicians and philosophers have used the phrase beg the question to mean "to put forward an argument whose conclusion is already assumed as a premise.

For instance, to argue that caviar tastes better than peanut butter because caviar has a superior flavor is to beg the question—the premise that is taken as given that caviar's flavor is superior is essentially identical to the point it is intended to prove that caviar tastes better. These senses of beg the question are so well established that they have nearly displaced the original sense in everyday usage, but they are still often frowned on by traditionalists, especially those with training in philosophy; in our survey, the sentences above were judged acceptable only by slim majorities of the Usage Panel—55 and 58 percent, respectively.

3 b eg

By contrast, a sentence using the phrase in its original sense When I asked him why we must protect every endangered species regardless of the cost, he said it was because every species is priceless, but that just begs the question was considered acceptable by 79 percent of the Panel.

The newer senses of beg the question will probably continue to flourish because "begging a question" suggests "begging for," or "raising" a question. However, this broader usage will also probably continue to draw the ire of philosophers and others who use the "circular reasoning" sense of the term, for which there is no good substitute, and do not want to see its technical meaning lost. Zoology intr of a dog to sit up with forepaws raised expectantly. Usage: The use of beg the question to mean that a question needs to be asked is considered by some people to be incorrect.

Switch to new thesaurus. The research begs a number of questions. To ask or ask for as charity: bumcadge. To make an earnest or urgent request: appealbeseechcraveentreatimplorepleadpraysuesupplicate. The old man was so poor that he had to beg in the street; He begged me for money. I beg you not to do it. The beggar asked for money for food. He was beggared by the collapse of his firm. Her beauty beggars description. You may think that he should get the job but I beg to differ.

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Cairo Alexandria Qena Mansoura. Ask Book course Bookk Event Suggestion.To save this word, you'll need to log in. I beseech you to have mercy implored her not to leave him supplicate suggests a posture of humility. These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'beg.

Send us feedback. See more words from the same century From the Editors at Merriam-Webster. Beg the Question Beg the Question It's not begging at all Dictionary Entries near beg befuddle befuddled befurred beg begad begam begar.

Accessed 19 Jul. Keep scrolling for more More Definitions for beg beg. Please tell us where you read or heard it including the quote, if possible.

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Save Word. Log In. Keep scrolling for more. Synonyms for beg Synonyms: Verb appeal tobeseechbesiegeconjureentreatimpetrateimploreimportunepetitionplead topraysolicitsupplicate Visit the Thesaurus for More.

Choose the Right Synonym for beg Verb begentreatbeseechimploresupplicateadjureimportune mean to ask urgently. Examples of beg in a Sentence Verb A homeless man begs on that corner every day. She begged him to read the story again. He begged that she would forgive him.Ever since Axe and Laura split up, the show has been solely focused on the patriarch. But surely his children are off somewhere doing something wrong. I mean, they can't possibly be too well-adjusted, right?

3 b eg

Thus, the beginning of this week's episode finds Gordie Axelrod attempting to set up some sort of bitcoin mining operation — I don't understand the details of bitcoin mining in any way, shape, or form, but you're stuck with me on recaps — at his prestigious preparatory school, which causes the electrical grid for the school and its surrounding area to shut down.

That little stunt gets Axe on a plane pretty quickly, but not before he starts throwing money and influence at a few problems of his own. First, he was hoping to nab some paintings by a well-respected artist, Nico Tanner, before they were officially up for grabs at a gallery, but when Axe shows up for his preview showing, he finds that Mike Prince has had a pre-preview showing and purchased the entire series.

Once again, Prince has swept in and taken something Axe thought was his and his alone. So, it's time for another plan: "If you can't buy the art, but the artist.

Axe is willing to set him up with space, time, and money if Nico gives him exclusive rights to his next eight paintings. He's also trying to get this bank idea rolling. Hard Bob and Todd Krakow show up to tell him that it's not going to happen; the Federal agencies aren't going to go anywhere near Axe and his corrupt, criminal past. Of course, Axe won't take no for an answer, and as he flies to the school to handle his son's problem, he scrambles for options.

Perhaps he can massage state restrictions in a way he wouldn't be able to with Federal agencies? It's one thought that he has. Once he's arrived at the school, Axe does what he always does when confronted with a problem: he tries to buy a solution.

The headmaster can't be bought, though. He's leaning towards expelling Gordie, and no amount of money will change that.

Axe sees this as an opportunity to teach his son a lesson. Of course, that lesson is that there's a certain cost when you make a big gambit, and the cost this time around is doing everything possible to destroy the headmaster; not exactly wholesome parenting. They get Hall on the case, but it doesn't prove fruitful.

The headmaster hasn't been pocketing that money, but rather diverting it into a scholarship for Syrian refugees. Hardly the smoking gun they're hoping for. So, they go dirtier.

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Hall snaps pictures of the refugees living at the Headmaster's home and bribes him with the perception: them doing yard work, helping around the house.

It looks like unpaid labor. That forces the headmaster not only to reinstate Gordie but also to give Axe a platform to give a speech at a school assembly, where he hits the children with the "harsh realities" of the real world.In Billionshowever, nothing is ever as simple as a son carving out a separate path from his father.

Since the decades of toxicity between Chuck and Charles Senior is well-trodden Billions territory, the Rhoades family cedes the center stage this episode to the Axelrods. As part of his self-improvement regimen, Chuck has accepted a visiting professor position at his alma mater, Yale Law School. Despite being an absentee father, Wags, seeing the lengths Axe will go to keep his own son from being expelled from prep school, is now determined to fix his relationships with all of his children.

Eventually, Wags reconnects with his eldest son, George Ian Collettiwhose telltale cross necklace hints at a careful-what-you-wish-for twist. In short, he buys Nico for himself. MacKenzie is going to change that. Which means, Axe is gonna Axe. Oh, and speak he does, lecturing the gathered students with pilfered-from— Gordon Gekko advice.

Watching Axe throw his weight around at the assembly is an undeniably entertaining, on-brand Billions moment. But all I could see was the underlying tragedy. At least for this brief instance, he can be the bad-boy hero who inspires a generation of kids. Already a subscriber?

Log in or link your magazine subscription. Account Profile. Sign Out. Billions Beg, Bribe, Bully. Season 5 Episode 3. Tags: tv tv recaps overnights recaps billions More. Most Viewed Stories. Promoted links by Taboola. More Stories.EG Management Services Incorporated, EG of Germantown, Maryland MDand Desbuild Incorporated, of Hyattsville, MD, each request that we recommend that it be reimbursed the costs associated with filing and pursuing its protest against the awards of multiple indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity contracts under solicitation No.

This redacted version has been approved for public release. Douglas L. Patin, Esq. Dennis C. O'Connell, Esq. Katherine I.

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Riback, Esq. Pereira, Esq. GAO recommends reimbursement of the costs of filing and pursuing challenges against the agency's evaluation of proposals and the source selection decision, where the evaluation challenges were clearly meritorious, or intertwined with clearly meritorious issues, and the agency did not take corrective action to address the protests until late in the protest process, after the protesters had filed comments, supplemental protests, and comments on the agency responses prepared in answer to the supplemental protest issues.

On December 18,EG and Desbuild each protested GSA's awards under the solicitation, asserting that the agency unreasonably evaluated its proposal under the prior experience factor.

EG and Desbuild Supp. Protests at 2,7. After development of the protest record, the cognizant Government Accountability Office GAO attorney conducted an "outcome prediction" alternative dispute resolution ADR conference.

In the course of that ADR, the GAO attorney advised the parties that GAO would likely sustain EG and Desbuild's protests challenging the agency's source selection decision due to the fact that the decision failed to include any consideration of price and was not adequately documented.

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To the extent the agency argued that it considered price in its source selection process, the GAO attorney noted in the ADR that this aspect of its selection decision was not documented. In response to the ADR, the agency informed our Office that it intended to take corrective action by reevaluating all proposals received in response to the solicitation and making a new selection decision.

Following the dismissal of the protests, EG and Desbuild each filed a request that GAO recommend the reimbursement of its reasonable costs of filing and pursuing its protests, including attorneys' fees. EG and Desbuild each ask our Office to recommend that GSA reimburse it for the reasonable costs associated with filing and pursuing its protest, including attorneys' fees.

GSA was given an opportunity to respond to the protesters' requests for reimbursement of costs but did not provide any response. When a procuring agency takes corrective action in response to a protest, our Office may recommend under 4 C. Pemco Aeroplex, Inc. A protest is clearly meritorious when a reasonable agency inquiry into the protest allegations would show facts disclosing the absence of a defensible legal position.

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